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I'm glad the Giants won...

But I could barely see the ball. Apparently, there is some sort of legal disagreement between my cable company and Fox. So I couldn't watch it in high definition on my local Fox channel. Luckily, I live outside NYC, so I was able to watch it on another channel, but the picture quality was horrible. It was much worse than regular standard definition. The screen was all jumpy and blurry with all kinds of weird artifacts. My cable bill is high enough that shouldn't have to put up with this bullshit.

Anyway, why do we keep passing on third and short?
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R/Hr - Close up of Entwined

Today's broadcast

Is anyone watching the game on Fox right now? Not sure if it's just me/my cable reception but there is something very off with the camerawork. Is it filmed in 3-D or something? I can't even explain what's "wrong" but there is just a slightly weird speed to it and an image issue. The commercials are fine so it's not my Fox channel nor my cable reception. I can only think it's related to how it's filmed?

Never mind. It just sucks that I still have a standard def TV. :/
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Gridiron Preview: New York Giants

he Giants started the season 5-0, looking like one of the league’s top teams. But all of these factors eventually led to the defense’s collapse, and they gave up at least 20 points in all but one of their final 11 games.  This included giving up 40+ points in three of their final four games, cementing their fall from championship contender to an 8-8 finish.
2010 Defense and Offense outlook

nemo sushi

injuries already?

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